Friday, November 14, 2014

2 for $3 Samosas (Maurya Express UBC Review)

Being one of the only places that specialize in Indian food on campus, Maurya is an average place to get your dose of India. I was going to Staples with a friend when I noticed a strong scent of curry. Being a huge curry lover, I decided to investigate and it brought me to the door steps of Maurya. 
   The first thing I noticed was the special offer they were offering on a poster at the door. Apparently, it was 5 dollars for two scoops of rice and a choice of curry. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal (or should I say, spicy deal? ;)), however I wanted something small. I noticed that the samosas were 2 for $3. That seem to be a good deal so I went in.
    The inside of the restuarant was small and felt like it was designed for the take-out sector. There weren't many dine in seats and the seating was awkward. It was right in front of the cashier, so I'd imagine it wouldn't be too comfortable sitting there.
    After looking at the pretty uninteresting menu (there wasn't much to it beside black and white words. You'd think there would be a design of some sort... but noooo. ), I ordered the samosas.
   The cashier had to warm them up before giving them to me. This makes me wonder how fresh the food here is.
       Has it been sitting in the heater all day? The samosas themselves taste pretty average. It was on the small side and it wasn't as spicy as I'm used to from the samosas at the other Indian restaurants I've been to. Nor are the portions as big. This samosa can be put togther with another one to make a bigger one. Overall, the place is pretty average and price is slightly on the high side because of the smaller portions. Otherwise, the samosas were good.
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