Sunday, November 23, 2014

Egg tarts :D (Saint Gemain Bakery Metrotown)

Being one of the more "Boutique" type of bakery, Saint Germain's has a wide array of baked goods that seem to be a notch up from the supermarket breads. For starters, I've noticed most of their breads use reality high quality materials. They offer a more Asian style baking, which include options such as red bean bread, taro bread, tuna bread to name a few. They also have quite a few types of other desserts such as cakes (from Christmas Logs (during Christmas) to Tiramisu) and also some things such as Chicken pastries and egg tarts.
   What I usually get from here is the egg tart or the cheese sticks. Their cheese sticks and egg tarts are very good, however I do not recommend eating too often from here. Many of the breads and things that are made are using white flour and butter... which can be very fatty if you do not have the exercise level to match it.
  What I like about their egg tarts is that it tastes gourmet. The pie shells doesn't taste like the cheap flaky kinds.  But it has a special taste of pasty that is all crafted so that each and everyone has the same size. Besides being a bit on the greasy and fatty side, I would highly recommend the egg tarts. That said, at about $1 per egg tart, the price is also about right (but if you eat a lot of it, the total price and calories can rack up pretty quickly), so I would only recommend it on special occasions. 
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