Monday, December 29, 2014

Amsterdam Red Light district modelled Pub / Cafe (Amsterdam Cafe Pub)

Whistler's got some pretty sick bars and pubs, and so quite a bit of pizza and higher-end restaurants I've noticed. My friends and I were in the neighbourhood to look around and wanted something that was a bit more special than pizza yet not as expensive as a restaurant.
   After walking around for a while, we noticed a deli place, and connected to the porch/ patio is this pub. Looking at their menu, the price for a burger was around $11, which was pretty acceptable. All of the burgers include an order of either fries, salad or a soup.
   Walking into the pub/  cafe, you will feel like you've walked into a place that have popped out of a movie scene. The pub itself was not very big, there were probably about only 30 seats in there in total. On the one side it was the bar, while opposite it is an elevated platform that had benches. It was about a collection of 5 benches that can fit 4 people each. There were also a few collections of seats near the windows closer to the exits too. The location is a bit small, but the decorations of this place make it feel so cool.
   Our server was British and after we seated ourselves, she came around to check our ID's and asked if we would like anything to drink. All of us were on a budget so we decided to all just ask for water. When the waitress brought the menu over, I was very entertained at what the menu had and the things that it described.
   Many of the items on the menu weren't very special sounding. It seemed to be burgers and things you would find at many pubs. I decided to go with the Chicken burger (because it sounds the simplest and was the cheapest as well (at $10.50, at the end it was $13, including tips and tax).
   The burger didn't take too long to come. The burger itself was slightly larger than the McDonald's burger, but it wasn't bigger by too much. I had a taste of the burger and it tasted very average. The only major difference was that the chicken itself tasted slightly dry and salty. Otherwise, the fries and the burger was very average. The price was average.
   What I found very interesting was the decoration and environment of this cafe/ pub. It was very daring in the sense of not having much censorship. I was just looking at the ceiling above our table when I realized there were a bunch of pictures of breasts of people... I am not sure if it's from here or from somewhere else but it was a very interesting choice of decoration...
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