Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vintage and comfy eating atmosphere but cheap tasting noodles (Wai Lai Yuen Victoria Review)

In the midst of Downtown Victoria, I think this is the only bakery/ restaurant on the street. I was here with my mom and brother and we were looking for something that was not too heavy, something that we can just eat and go (rather than deal with left overs and having to share). When we came across this place, we realized that they sell wontons, so at the first instinct we went in.
   When you walk into this place, you will find the front of the restaurant to be a bakery. When it comes to the selection of baked goods, the bakery carries a Cantonese style/ Hong Kong type selection. These selections include things like egg tarts and buns. Behind the bakery section is the restaurant section.
   We arrived around lunch time and it wasn't too busy. We were seated immediately and the menu was brought to us. One thing I must point out is that everything here feels vintage. The tables and plates (or maybe it's because of the dim lighting here) makes it feel as if some of these things come from some sort of museum.
   After we were seated, the waitress came and brought us our menu. The menu featured many of the things such as fried rice, and wontons (typical things you would find at a Chinese restaurant). There were pictures of some of the items but not all of the items were displayed. After looking through the menu, we decided to give the Wontons a try.
Chinese restaurants usually put MSG and a lot of oil into their soups and things that they cook. Knowing that, my mom decided to ask the waitress if it was possible to not put as much MSG into our Wonton noodle soup. The waitress explained that the soup was already prepared so nothing can be changed. After we placed our order, the Wonton Noodle Soup arrived.
The portions was average in size. I would say the price was a bit high because in Vancouver the prices for Wonton Soup would be a bit lower. That said, given that it was in Victoria, the price margins might be different. The wontons tasted pretty average, however the noodles tasted slightly on the cheap side.
You can tell that the noodles were purchased from a discount retailer because the texture and taste was lacking. Overall, besides the noodles tasting a bit funny... The overall price was average and it is pretty interesting to eat at a vintage feeling restuarant in Chinatown. 
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