Saturday, February 28, 2015

It should be renamed to Steam Room Point (Boiling Point Hot-Pot Burnaby Review)

I read somewhere that going to Boiling Point during lunch was cheaper than going during dinner. So I decided to take my family there during lunch. For a hot soup it was $10.99 or $14.99 depending on which one you get. You also get a choice of either green tea or red tea with the meal. However, for dinner, the drink is not included and all pots are $1 extra.
  Coming here during lunch seems to be  the economically wiser choice. We arrived just a bit before noon while it wasn't too busy. We were seated at one of the tables that were meant for 8 people but they separated it into two sections that can seat 4 people each. The divider was slightly awkwardly placed. I was sitting at the inside of the table section and it felt a bit like I was sitting at an exam where there are dividers on the tables.
  The good thing (or maybe bad, depending on your preference) about this place is that there was not too much on the menu. There are only about a dozen choices for the hotpots (which is good if you can't make up your mind sometimes). I decided to give the Thai seafood pot a try while everyone else in my party got the Japanese Miso.
   We all ordered mild for the spiciness. The rice came first, and by the time our hotpot came, the rice got a bit crusty and cool. When my pot came, they had the pot that the waitress said was fully cooked (my eyebrows raised at this moment because the egg in the pot was still raw), on top of a custom made stand. Then at the bottom of the stand, they had one of those gel burners that the had to individually light up after they delivered the pots.
   We had to wait for a few minutes until the pot boils and bubbles. I used the egg as the indicator, and if the egg looked cooked, it is ready to eat. I noticed that at this point the cup of water that they initially gave us felt a bit soft on the outside and seems like it was leaking water. At the same time, the windows of the restaurant seems to be fogging up.
   The Thai hot pot tasted good, the fish balls inside seem to be relatively fresh. However, I must point out that some of these seem to be bleached because I never seen anything so white before in a cooked fish. In addition, I had a small crab (not really sure how to eat these things) and shrimp in my soup. They looked pretty fresh but I spent the longest time trying to figure out how to crack open the crab and ended up giving up. The shrimp needed to be eaten with your hands (unless you like to eat the head and tail too).
  One thing my brother pointed out with his Miso soup pot was that his noodles got red. You must think, Miso soup is yellowish, why would the noodles get red? My brother thinks that it is possible that the meat must have had some sort of dye applied to it. However, I'm thinking it could be possible that the redness could be caused by the leftover residue (like blood) from the meat.
  In summary, I do somewhat like hot pot place despite some of the funny things I noticed when I was here. Compared to All you can eat hot-pot (to be honest, who can eat THAT much hot pot?) This hotpot is a great place to warm up on a cold day. With the red tea that came with the lunch, coming here for lunch seems to be a good choice. However, because of the things I mentioned before, I might not be coming here so often, but I do like the concept though.
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