Sunday, March 8, 2015

Forget about bite sized for sushi, the sushi here are jumbo sized (Asakusa Sushi Kingsway/Metrotown)

I am so used to eating sushi that is (somewhat) bite-sized. I've only ever seen a handful of places that makes really big sushi and this place is one of them. The location is convenient as it is just literally across the street from Metrotown. It was dinner time and my friend and I just went swimming and he was driving back to the Metrotown area. I am not too sure if there were any parking, so we parked outside at the curb. It was about a dollar for an hour (Make sure you double check what the hours are when you put your coins in. The free-parking times are a bit strange). Public transit would probably be the most accessible.
   When we walked in, we were greeted by one of the waitresses who quickly seated us down. She brought us the menu and the dinner special. I must say their dinner special portions looked big and most were under $10. The one that caught my eye was the chicken teriyaki dinner. It has the chicken teriyaki on a skillet and some vegetables with some rice underneath. Also, it has a side dish of miso soup and 6 rolls of California rolls that come with it. All for $10! It is a pretty sweet deal, and the portions are big too,
   Because I had another portion of dinner waiting for me at home, I decided to only get two rolls of sushi. I got a chicken teriyaki roll and an Alaska roll. When the rolls came, I was surprised. They were about $3.70 each and the rolls were huge. They are at least twice the size of conventional sushis. The taste was mediocre as the filling of the sushi was just conventional things (like for the Chicken terikyaki roll, chicken and cucumber) and salmon sashimi and imitation crab meat for the California roll.
   I am not too sure if it was because I read an article on farmed salmon and the fact that it contains 5x the amount of PCB's or the sashimi was put in rice, the sashmi felt a bit on the not fresh tasting side. That said, there was not too much sashimi in the California roll as it was mostly full of the imitation crab.
   Overall, the service of this restaurant is pretty average, but the sushi rolls and their size relative to their price makes me want to come back again. 
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