Saturday, May 9, 2015

Weird numbers but good tasting food (Chiptole Mexican Grill (Downtown Vancouver))

Every time I walk by here, there are always lots of people lined up. So I decided to do a bit of research on this place and found out that they only have 4 menu items. This includes either 3 tacos, a burrito, a burrito without the tortilla (so it's pretty much just a salad, but because there is rice, you still get your grains), or the salad. Then you get to choose your toppings and what you would like to put in your burrito/ meal. All of them come in at around 9-11 dollars.
  When I arrived it was around lunch time, and the place was jam packed with people. It seemed like all of the seats were taken, so you either had to sit with someone else or have it as a take out. My friend and I were waiting in line and we started out the door. It took about 8 minutes before we got to the front (they moved very fast actually, I think this is where the less menu options come in). I decided to order a Chicken Burrito as it seemed to be the biggest of them all for the lowest price to calorie ratio.
   It sort of reminded me of Subway as they asked you what you would like to put in your burrito. I decided to put everything (BEWARE!! Some things they offer like guacamole or salsa will cost EXTRA but you have to ask which one cost more if you are looking strictly on the cost side). I decided to get everything that didn't cost extra. I must also add that the prices that they have for their things seem so random. Usually you would see something priced at something that ends with a .99... however, for them they end in unusually weird numbers... I am not sure if this is because with tax those numbers become a round number or if they did that to stand out...
  When I got my meal, the way they wrapped the taco up  and how heavy it was made it feel like grenade for some reason. It was a solid solenoid shaped thing that was warm in a tin foil. Because I told them it was for dine-in, they gave it to me in a basket. I also ordered chips too (they were only $1.20 and it seemed to be freshly made).
  The burrito tasted pretty good, the ingredients felt fresh and the portion was big (I actually just did the Grouse Grind before this so I was pretty hungry). The only downside was that the tortilla shell got a bit soggy and wasn't able to hold all of the ingredients.. so I ended up with a bunch of loose rice and vegetables and stuff at the end. Otherwise, it tasted good. The chips were good too and definitely worth the $1.20. The seasoning they used was a bit on the sour side (I think it was limestone salt they used), but it didn't have the greasy feeling that most chips have.
  Besides being crowded and having to wait a while (this is not a place you would want to bring your date if you are looking for romance), it is a pretty decent place to go and I would definitely come back).
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