Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vintage with a bit of an Abercrombie and Fitch feel (The Local Downtown Victoria)

After walking along the edge of the harbour, I noticed there was a pub with a patio that looked pretty cool. It had it's servers all dressed in beach flashy coloured (but not swimming suit) clothes so I decided to go in for lunch.
At first, the insides reminded me of an antique shop and the big moose coupled with the dark lighting sort of gave it an Abercrombie and Fitch sort of feel. When the waitress took me to my seat, she also brought the water and the menu.
In terms of the menu options, there were not much to choose from as compared to other pubs but they did have a decent (maybe around 20 of each type) selection of burgers, misc (like steak and fish and chips) and starters. They also had 2 selection of soup. All of the options for the burgers were around $15.
 I decided to get the most simple option that I can see and that was the grilled chicken burger (they call it something fancy but it literally was just a grilled burger). I also decided to choose fries (I know, not healthy. It is however a good way to compare with other pubs on whether or not the food is good.) To compensate for the fat on the fries, I also decided to ask for no mayo in my burger.

When the food came, the presentation was pretty interesting. The burger and fries was served on a piece of wood with the name of the pub engraved on it. I thought that was pretty cool (though hard to wash).
 The fries tasted like they were freshly cut and fried while the burger tasted fresh. The cheese in the burger wasn't the processed cheese that many burger places use either. The quality was pretty good and for the location,15 dollars was not too bad. Overall I like this place and would definitely come back again!
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