Monday, May 25, 2015

Fair and vintage hotel (Red Lion Hotel, Portland Airport)

The immediate area around this hotel is a bit on the wild side and it can be dark. However, just a few minutes by car away is Cascade Station. The area surrounding Cascade Station is pretty cool as it is relatively newly developed. I decided to book at Red Lion Hotel thinking it was just across the street from Cascade Station. I was travelling with my cousins in Portland and we checked into the hotel around 11 at night. When we arrived, everywhere was closed and the area around this hotel was dark. It was not as close to Cascade Station as I thought (it was about a 5 minute drive away so it still wasn't THAT far). The outside of the hotel feels a bit more like a motel as the hotel rooms are on the ground level and upper level.
There are two separate buildings (and from the looks of it, the second building of hotel rooms was placed in as an extension). The hotel from the inside does look like a hotel with the exception that the rooms are on the ground level. It also do have an outdoor pool, and a fitness room on the first floor. The fitness room isn't very big. It does have a set of weights, 2 treadmills and an exercise bike. The facilities are a bit on the old side and the area immediately surrounding the hotel does feel a bit dark. I also thought there was breakfast, however, I just found out once we arrived that it was not included. Once we finished checking in and got settled in our rooms, I can tell that the hotel does make an effort to maintain its rooms. The sheets were clean, but the coffee machine and furnishings were slightly on the old side.
I am not sure if I've spent too long in the car from my trip or just my body is funny, but my bed felt slightly lop sided (but not too much). In the rooms, there was a coffee machine and a cup that had an assortment of tea and coffee. Usually you would expect glass cups or paper cups with lids, but here they just give you a couple of paper cups. The washrooms also had a dryer and soap and lotion. The stay itself was pretty pleasant. However, my cousin said that he kept hearing the horns of trains. The light rail does pass by near here, so that may be a concern. Also, the location of the hotel is right under the flight path so you will hear airplanes land and take off. Personally since I am a nerd, I actually love these things, especially the airplane take off and landings. Each room cost about $120, and I would say the quality is fair, but it can slightly be a bit lower (considering there isn't any breakfast).

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