Thursday, April 17, 2014

$2 Egg/Breakfast Burritos (Runway Grill/ Seatac Airport)

    After arriving at Seatac airport, I decided to stay here over night because I wanted to take some pictures of airplanes (huge aviation nerd here) and there is quite abit of traffic at Seatac. (I will upload all of the pictures soon). Walking around for about 5 hours and taking hundreds of photos of airplanes, I got hungry and I started to hunt for food to eat.
    What was weird was it seems like during breakfast time, most stores are selling Continental Breakfasts. Even the Chinese place at the food court was selling the American scrambled eggs and sausages rather than Chinese style breakfasts.
   I ended up at the satellite building and was in awe when I was looking at an Hawaiian Airbus 330. I wanted to find something to eat that was near here. I didn't want coffee because I was saving up for coffee in Seattle. I found this place called "the Runway Grill" that had something relatively inexpensive. They had menu options for only $2 and I decided to get the egg burrito.
   The portions I would say is fair, but it is a bit on the small side. The only downside that I didn't like about the burritos was that they were slightly greasy. Also, If you ever ask them for a cup of water, be careful that the water might be abit sweeter than you would expect. I think the filter in their drink machine is funky so when they pressed the "Water" button, traces of random soft drinks must have gotten mixed in with it.

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