Monday, April 14, 2014

Sandwiches and Eye Candy (TGI Friday's Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Review)

   TGI Friday's After walking around for a while at DFW in terminal E. My group of friends and I realized that we had still a few hours before our plane was due to depart for Phoenix. Everyone was hungry so we decided to grab a bite to eat. When it comes restaurants, there weren't many that sounded appealing except TGI Fridays.
    Looking at their menu, they had more options that is suitable for a group with people of different palates. There was a slight wait before we were called in to be seated. I must say the downside about this TGI's is that I don't think it was meant to accommodate a big group of people (like 6 people). Our group ended up having to sit separately.
   The thing I love about this restaurant is that you get a good view of the run way, and multiple times I saw a few of the new American 777 taking off. It was absolutely stunning. Besides the windows, the decor inside the restaurant was very retro/vintage feeling. There were a lot of memorabilia from different eras, not to mention (this is kind of random) but the servers here are all so fit looking and attractive ;).
    I flipped through the menu and I noticed most things here are fried and fatty like burgers and fries. I found a chicken sandwich that came with a salad as a side. I had a hard time pronouncing the name of the sandwich because it was in Italian I believe.
   Taking the first bite into the sandwich I fell in love with it. The bread with the sunflower seeds along with the chicken was very good. It was full of flavour. Together with the salad (which has a generous portion of cheese with it by the way), this sandwich was full of awesomeness. To top it off, the price was only around $10, which I found was very reasonable.
    This is going to be the last place we are going to stop by before we head up to the Pacific Northwest. I must say, I really enjoyed my time in Texas. People I've met were so friendly and polite, not to mention the weather was just magnificent. 
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