Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ali-shan Restaurant 阿里山品味餐廳

One day, everyone at home was lazy to cook, so we decided to get take out food. We've heard from our friends that a new restaurant opened up in town.
We decided to check it out. The restaurant is called AliShan and it is named after a famous mountain in Taiwan... That said, that's what they were selling, were traditional Taiwanese food, or food you would find at dinner tables in Taiwan.
However, when I saw the menu, I was surprised, they were selling all different kinds of foods. Food that was not so Taiwanese, such as Doria and Lasagna. They even had some fried Japanese stuff (which I can't pronounce but I know its Japanese...). The selection is huge. In addition, they had alot of drinks -Bubble tea was one of them-
Because we were buying takeout, we wanted something fast, so we decided to get the Alishan Train bento box, which was famous in Taiwan in the past because these Train bento boxes would be served on railway routes. Many people back then commute from small communities to go to large cities such as Taipei to work, so the bento boxes were essential to their everyday life, which is why the Train bento boxes are symbolic.
We decided to give the bento box a try. The price was pretty good considering that it included a soup, rice, two different types dishes and a fried egg with a huge piece of pork. The presentation was pretty good too. The lunch box and soup container was authentic in the sense that it was imported from Taiwan and in Taiwan that's what the Train bento boxes were contained in.
I tried the vegetables first. It was pretty well done, the flavours were just right, it was alittle bit on the greasy side. However, compared to many Asian places its pretty good. I then tried the pork. This pork was not too good, it tasted a bit stale and salty. It felt as if the pork was deep fried for a bit too long. The outer layer wasn't even pork... It was something yellow and salty. The pork itself didn't have much meat, but it was more bones... I didn't finish the meat... but everything else was pretty good.
I purchased the bento for about $7, for 7 dollars, the price is average. The bento itself will fill the average person, but a person with a bigger stomach may need more.
The location of Ali-shan being at Crystal Mall is convenient because they offer free parking and is easily accessible by transit. May be I will go back and try something else. The venue of the restuarant itself is pretty big, however, it may get crowded during meal times. I would recommend going to Alishan for bubble tea in the afternoon. I probably might go back to try something else next time.

Overall here are my ratings:
Cleanliness: *****
Value: ***1/2
Taste: ***1/2
Location: *****
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