Sunday, November 24, 2013

Red Robin (Robson/Downtown Vancouver)

   Located in downtown Vancouver, Red Robin's is one of the best places (in my opinion) to grab a burger at an acceptable price while enjoying the comfort of a restaurant. I decided to visit Red Robin with a group of friends when we were downtown watching a movie.
   Climbing up the stairs to the second floor, we were greeted by the hostess. They seem to be very busy, and we waited for about 20 mins (according to their staff, the place is usually even busier!), We were seated by a group of friendly staff who I can tell had a great sense of humour. 
   Their entire menu is comprised of mostly burgers, but what I like about their burgers is that they have vegetarian options, fish options, chicken options for those who cannot eat beef. The pricing of the burgers and bottomless fries are around 10 to 12 dollars each on average. This price in downtown Vancouver is pretty acceptable because this is one notch up from fast food. 
   I ordered the simply chicken burger because it sounded simple (some burgers sounds like they have wayyyy too much in them, and I'm the kind that like things as simple as possible. Not only is simplicity better for health but I guess it's just a comfort to know that you're putting less in your body). When the burger came it was served on a long rectangular plate. Compared to other Red Robins I've been to, which serves the burgers in baskets, this one seem to be abit different. The lettuce and filling of the burger is placed separately. I've also noticed that the insides of the burger has been grilled with butter to give it a better taste. In addition, = the portion of the fries was pretty small too.
   The burger had a pretty good taste to it, and it wasn't too salty but slightly on the greasy side. Besides that the food was decent. I love their fries because you can actually taste the potato in the fries, compared to fast food joints where sometimes in the fries, you only taste the fry part and not the actual potato.
   That said, this place has a bar too, so it's good for adults, but also I think a part of the restaurant is reserved for families too. When we were there, we were on the pub side, there were people chugging corona, and having fun, I'm surprised that they can have both a family section and an adult section but it seems to work! I would recommend this place if you are in down and looking for a place to eat burgers.

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