Monday, January 13, 2014

Mega Bakery 美之香 Richmond

   I really love the food this place makes. They are one of the most authentic Taiwanese style bakeries around. Although it is abit out of the way from where I live and only a bus or two gets here, but I say it is worth it to come here and grab some baked goods.
They have baked goods of all kinds, from buns (like pork buns and vegetable buns), and regular baked goods like bread.
   This time, when my mom went, she bought home one of their Taiwanese style burgers. This burger is really good, the pork inside is the pork that they put in to the steamed buns. Compared to the patties that you would get at fast food restaurants, this patty tastes more wholesome (and juicer too!). In addition, the portion was pretty big, definitely comparable to a Big Mac. The price was around $3 for this burger and I think for it's size, it is a pretty good deal. The only downside is that it is cold, so if you are looking for a warm burger this might not do the trick for your tummy.     My mom also brought home some of the rice cakes too that Taiwanese people have during the Lunar New Years. I must say I really like the taste of their rice cake too. The rice cake does not taste too sugary like some of the ones that you get at the supermarket, yet the flavor of the red bean is contained inside of the cake.
    I would definitely come here again, good value and fair quality.
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