Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Afternoon Snack at Timmy's

I was on my way to the Vancouver General Hospital when I got hungry. I just did a 10k run this morning in preparation for the Vancouver Marathon in May. One of my favourite snack items is Tim Horton's Chicken Salad Wrap. They are usually only $1.50 for one and they are quite filling for a snack. Not only do they pack in protein, but they also have abit of vegetables like tomatos and a piece of lettuce. Today I walked by this Timmy's and I went in.
  I must say, I don't really like the decor of the place. For some reason the beige walls reminds me of some senior's home. Better question is, you'll walk in there wondering "who died?!". The staff in general was pretty friendly, there was a song that came on the radio and they were singing along with it. This is also one of the only Tim Horton's that didn't have a display case of their baked goods. Rather, they had the display case behind the counter.
   Overall, this is just an average Tim Horton's, nothing too special about it.
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