Sunday, July 27, 2014

Salty but good Chinese Restuarant (Taste Good Wonton Seafood Review)

When it comes to names, this place probably is not the best at being creative. I was with my colleagues for Taiwanfest in our office nearby when someone suggested going to this place for lunch. Location wise, it was not too far from the 100 bus stop at the corner of Marine and Fraser.
   From the outside, the appearance was not very appealing. The sign seemed like too much UV rays hit it and the original red colour of the sign became light red as a result.
By the time we arrived, it was around 12, and when we walked in, there was almost no one in the restaurant. With regards to size, the restaurant was pretty decent. It wasn't very big, but it wasn't small either. They had a room for private functions and just a general dining hall that could easily fit 50 people. That said, the place was kind of crowded. Besides the limited space, the restaurant was clean and tidy.

After we sat down, I started taking a look at the menu. They have put quite a bit of an effort on their menus. It was bounded by a hard cover and the paper was quite nice. The paper had a layer of gloss over it and the pictures of the food in the menu were big. The amount of pictures (like 4 big pictures per page), made the menu feel like a text book. The down side of the menu is that if you are in a rush like we were (some of my colleagues had to rush to a meeting), it was not very practical to flip through the menu.
Besides the menu, I noticed how under staffed they were. There was only one waiter who also acted as a host and a server and busser. We had to wait for a good 10 minutes before our order was taken.
After our order was taken, it was not too long before we got our food. The first dish that came out was the soup. The soup itself tasted pretty good. The only downside that my colleagues noticed was that it was in the cooker for too long and some of the vegetables had a smushy consistency... The bok choy wasn't even green anymore. That said, it was still pretty good.
The next dish that came out was the fried pork (not sure what they called it). The pork itself was not bad and it was fried just right (like it wasn't so greasy like some other Chinese places I've been to that had a layer of oil beneath it...) but it was super salty. After I took a bite into it, the taste reminded me of when I was dragon boating and I got sea water in my mouth. At the moment when I made the expression of saltiness, one of my colleagues said that these dishes were supposed to go with rice. That made sense now. However it was still too salty in my opinion.
   Because we were short on time, we had to quickly finish everything. One of the main thing I noticed about the other dishes were that everything seems to be on the salty side. This is good in the sense that with rice, the saltiness would be more tolerable. The only thing that was flipped was that our rice bowls came after all of the other dishes came. So essentially if you were in a hurry, the effect of the saltiness affected you more without the rice.
  In summary, this place was pretty good. Everything tasted pretty good as it was not too greasy. The price seems to be average too and the place is clean. I think I will be back again.

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