Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Decent Taiwanese Bistro (Pearl Tea House Review)

This post's been sitting in my draft box for a while, but I thought I might as well publish it. Pearl Tea House is a Taiwanese family styled (like things you would expect to be eating if you went into a Taiwanese family) restaurant. They feature a wide variety of Taiwanese dishes (and Asian dishes) at pretty reasonable portions. The quality of food is decent and price is also pretty decent as well. 

Pearl House Restaurant 珍珠小館 on Urbanspoon

With regards to location, it is not in the most convenient place, but it is accessible. You can take the 106 from Metrotown/New West/Edmonds and it is only 10-15 minutes away. You can also drive, however be mindful of the limited parking space. That said, if you don't like to drive or take public transit... then... have fun walking.
   I would probably visit this place again, if I do, I will update with a newer blog post. :)

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