Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Super cute small town one-size fits all cafe (Euspiria Cafe Madeira Park Review)

I really love small communities and locally run businesses. We were driving by Madiera Park and were hungry when the Euspiria Cafe caught our attention so we decided to take a closer look.
   When we arrived, there were a few people sitting on the outside. What stuck my memory the most was this old man who sat there and stared into space as his beagle sits there looking relatively not entertained. When we arrived, his beagle began to wave his tail and wanted to find out who we were. I guess they don't get that many visitors here that often because that dog seemed to not have seen new people in a very long time.
   Once we got into the cafe, the cuteness alarm inside of me rang. Not only do they sell art like ceramics and first nation things, they also had tons of posters and business cards on the side. The actual cafe was nice and cozy and you can see the stove in the back of the cash counter. It wasn't the commercial stoves you expect to see at cafes, but it really was just residential stoves that you would have at home. This cafe sold things from soups to bakery items to sandwiches. 
    The prices of the sandwiches and food items in general is not cheap (compared to city prices), however being in a small town, I'd imagine it does take more to have things delivered here. It is about $8-9 for a sandwich and about $5-6 for soup. They also sell ice cream. They also had scones (which looked really good) so I decided to get a ham and cheese scone.
    The scone was $3.00 which wasn't too bad. The taste was pretty good too. It definitely had the taste of home to their baking which was also a plus.
   I would definitely visit again because it is super cute :) 

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