Monday, May 29, 2017

Famous with a splash of vintage, decent food, prices and stunning views ( Molly's Reach Gibsons Review)

From the outside, this place seems very vintage. The background story was that the restaurant was part of "The Beachcombers" and it was famous because of it.. (Honestly though, I never watched The Beachcombers before so I wasn't too sure why it was famous). However, I did see a trailer for a Zac Efron movie that took place here and that was pretty cool.
   For the actual location of the restaurant itself, the background is very scenic with the views of the marina down below and the mountains to the back. It does have a Mediterranean feel to it where the buildings are all on a slope while facing the marina to the outside. The back drop and feelings of the building make it a great place for a family lunch and or dinner. The restaurant has its menu on the outside as well as a patio.
    For prices of the items at the restaurant, they all seem to be fair. Their fish and chips were said to be famous, and at $13 for 2 pieces of COD or $16 for 2 pieces of Salmon, and it comes with fries and coleslaw, it is pretty decent. Since we were visiting as a group, we all decided to give this place a try after one we were convinced that it must be good because it's famous.
   We were greeted by the hostess and then took inside. The scenery outside the window was just stunning. Overlooking the marina and with the window slightly propped open as the breeze blew inside was just pure bliss. It was one of the places that you can sit there for hours and read a book or something calm and relaxing. The speed of the restaurant itself is not as fast as it is in the city, but it seems like the overall feeling in Gibsons and small towns feel slower than in the city.
   Everyone ordered fish and chips and it took a few moments to arrive. It came in metal buckets (or trays.. however you would to call them). The food itself was served on a piece of paper (this is oil absorbing paper so it's different than newspaper even though it is printed to look like newspaper). The fish itself was pretty fresh tasting, and the portions of them were relatively big and satisfying. The fries at the bottom were also pretty good but a tad bit on the greasy side as it is served with the fish on top (so the oil drips to the bottom and collects together). I wouldn't say that the fish and chips here is extra-ordinary (or maybe I just lack a palate that can taste what extra-ordinary tastes like) but it is pretty decent.     Overall, I would definitely come back to this place to eat again because of it's scenery and decently good price and good food.
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