Friday, May 26, 2017

"Exotic Foot Flush" (The Cactus Club Kingsway / Metrotown Review)

The Cactus Club is known to have good food, good service and good atmosphere but the pricing has also been known to be a bit on the higher end of things. That is also the main reason why I don't visit too often (I like to be frugal). However, today my friend treated me to lunch to celebrate graduation (thank you!! You know who you are ;)).
    The Kingsway location seems to be a bit on the smaller side versus many other Cactus Club locations in and around Vancouver. We arrived around 11AM when the restaurant was not too busy. The outside patio already had a few guests sitting around (I am not going to lie, the scenery of the outside patio is not necessarily the most flattering). Once we got into the entrance, the hostess quickly greeted us and sat us down.
    She began by offering us the specials and drinks menu (which is typical). It was funny how they assumed that people just assume that they have non-alcoholic beverages because on the drinks menu, it was all alcoholic. It wasn't until I asked our waitress later on that there were other things like iced tea and coffee. I decided to get iced tea... which was not typical of me to do but I decided to try something new and grab an iced tea.
    After, she came back with our drinks and asked us what appetizers we would like. They have a good selection of appetizers, and most of the prices were almost the same as an entree. I had my eye on the truffle fries (as a marathon runner.. I have a thing for carbs.. good or bad...). However, my friend told me that the truffle fries can also be obtained by ordering an entree and then doing the add on option for $2 more. So you can pretty much save money by ordering the up-sized fries on the side. After debating for a while, we decided to get the potato skins.
    The potato skins were very good, they weren't greasy, but they had just the right amount of sauces and toppings and the layer of bacon was just right. The sauce that it came with was also very good. I would highly recommend this dish if you are looking for an appetizer when you are here.
   I decided to order the Ocean Wise Tuna Sandwich while my fried ordered the chicken strips and fries. I also decided to upgrade my fries to truffle fries (go figure eh?). The Ocean Wise tuna sandwich was amazing. The tuna was pretty fresh (and to be honest, didn't really taste much like Tuna but rather it tastes more like chicken but with the lighter and fluffier side. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
    Overall, this Cactus Club is definitely a decent place to go for lunch. It is not too expensive yet it is not cheap feeling. One thing to add about this location that I find quite special was that the washroom tends to be a bit on the cramped side. I am 5'7 and it was a bit edgy trying to get in and out... however.. they have this really cool toilet flushing mechanism called the "Exotic Foot Flush". I am not sure why the call it exotic... it's really just a button on the floor that flushes the toilet... It's not like pineapples and bananas grow out of it once the "exotic" button is pushed...
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