Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lunch special in a dark dungeon like Japanese/Korean fusion (Yakiniku ya Downtown Vancouver)

I've been here a few years ago, and did a previous blog post on this place. I was in the area, so I decided to stop by. I noticed that they have a new menu and one of the things that were featured was the lunch specials. That got me interested as there was the $10.95 lunch menu. So I decided to go in and visit with my mother.
   The interesting thing about this place is that it's a fusion of Korean and Japanese cuisine. I have a hard time trying to figure out if they are Korean or Japanese owned because the waitress seemed to speak both. That said, the place seemed understaffed as they only had one waitress when I was there with my mother for lunch.
   We took a look at the menu and decided to get an avocado roll, a seafood cake (Korean style) and a Chicken Teriyaki Lunchbox special. Then we waited for our meal.. I noticed that this place is very fancy on decoration and setting. They spent a lot of time getting the decor of the inside. I am not exactly sure what the theme is.. but the insides do remind me of a cave (because it's dark on the inside and the walls and floors were stone (or what appears to be...)).
   Since there was only one waitress, it does seem like she was a bit rushed. The miso soup came first and then came the fish cake and the bento box. The table space was a bit awkward as it has a section for BBQ. When the miso soup came, I had to move it but instead the miso soup became me so wet when I spilled it everywhere...
   The next thing to come was the bento.  The portions were not as impressive as it seems in the pictures. For $10.95, it came with 2 pieces of tempura, a slice of orange 1 tofu, a bite of cold noodles, a few bites of chicken teriyaki, salad, rice and miso soup. The quality is on the higher end of things, but not super high end.
   The seafood pancake and the avocado roll was next. The avocado roll was nothing much to write about. However, the seafood pancake was pretty good. It had a good balance of seafood in it and the pan frying wasn't too greasy.
   What was the most interesting part of this visit was that just before I left, I saw a man (who looks like the owner) coming in and he cleaned the table next to ours. He then stacked all of the cups and poured the contents on his potted plants outside... That was definitely interesting watching that...
   Overall, the price of this place is decent. However, the portions are not the best. I won't go out of my way to come here but if I am around this area, I will visit. 
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