Friday, May 19, 2017

Everything for $4.95... and they weren't kidding! (Warehouse Group / Restaurant Review)

I've walked by this place many times, and have always took a second look at the sign that says (Everything $4.95). Knowing that it's in Downtown Vancouver, and that just Vancouver in general is not exactly the cheapest... I've always stared at the sign and moved on. That said, the place is usually very busy so that's also another reason why I never came. However, I was feeling adventurous today and the place wasn't that busy (as it was early on) so I came.
   The restaurant itself has a couple of heated outside/ patio seats and when you walk in, there is a sign that prompts you to wait at the entrance for your hostess. The menu is also outside and after taking a close look, there is a wide variety of food options. From appetizers to burgers to even Asian noodles, they have it all. The variety is actually pretty big and they have a decent selection of appetizers too. The one thing I noticed with their menu is that for every item, there seems to be the option to upgrade (like upgrade to add fries to a combo or upgrade fries to soup.. or add an avocado to your meal). It's pretty cool. The prices for upgrades did not seem too expensive either (around $1-$2 for upgrades.
     Once I lined up, the hostess came and took me inside. I can tell that they are very busy and they seem to be a bit on the understaffed side. It took a good few minutes for the waitress to come around with water and drinks. While I waited, I had a look at the menu and took in the vibe of the place. It's setup like a pub, so the insides are darker and the waitress and waiters were also younger. They have very vintage decorations like an old juke box and signs that they collected from different places. It also reminds me of a ski-shack for some odd reason.
     The waitress came and took my order. Since I was here with my mother and I wasn't too sure how big the portions were (I thought to myself "$4.95... how much can that get you?"), so I decided to get 3 items between the 2 of us. My mother being the health nut that she is decided to get the Asian noodles while I decided to get their chicken wrap. We decided to get the fish tacos to split in case the food we got were not enough.
     I noticed that the waitress, when she came around to ask us for our order, she would ask us if we wanted an upgrade for extra. For my mom's noodles, she offered to add avocados to it for only $2 more, so we said yes. For my wrap, she told me that fries were included (at this point... I thought... "oh man... $4.95 with a fries.. I hope the quality is alright").
     After she took our orders, it took the orders around 20 minutes or so to arrive (given that they seem to be understaffed, it was understandable). When the orders came.. I was decently amazed. The portions were NOT SMALL AT ALL! The noodles were a big bowl and so was the wrap and fries. Even if you go to the supermarket, the prices would be higher (for example... I once bought a chicken wrap from a supermarket... for $6 and it didn't even come with fries).
    My mom gave me some of her noodles for me to try, and to my surprise, the quality was decent too. It reminded me of the noodles I once had in Taiwan (except with a Vancouver twist to it). Who knew avocados tasted so good with the noodles.
    The next thing I tried was my own wrap. The wrap itself was not exactly massive or fancy but it was good. It had all of the essentials of a chicken wrap (the chicken, the sauce, lettuce and mildly grilled tortilla). The fries were also good (it wasn't too greasy but slightly on the dry side). For $4.95, the portion was very good.
    The next thing I tried was the fish tacos. The fish itself in the tacos were a bit on the smaller side and it wasn't as fresh as some other places... however, the other contents of the taco was really good. Also for $4.95.. it was definitely a bargain.
    Once we finished, the bill came and for 3 plates of food, in Downtown Vancouver, it was only around $17 for everything! That is an incredibly good deal! I would definitely come back again because of that. I would recommend this place if you were taking your date to out for lunch... but the place is pretty loud. It would be hard to have a good conversation... that said... when things are cheap and good.. who needs conversation anyway right? :p
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