Friday, January 19, 2018

Average Family Owned Pho Place (Pho d'lite Solo District / Brentwood)

Pho D'lite in Brentwood is a pretty cozy place for Pho. It was around 8:30 at night when my +1 and I decided to come as we were travelling by the Solo District. When we walked in, we were greeted by a waiter (or I think he's a waiter) and then seated. You can tell that this is a family owned restaurant because all of the roles between the server, cook and cashier seem to be blurred. What I found was a bit awkward was there were a group of ladies (I think they were probably the owners of this place) were sitting in the back table where they seem to be gossiping about something.
   After looking at the menu, the prices seemed relatively fair (it's around $12-$15 on average for a bowl of noodles or curry). Browsing through the menu, I decided to get the chicken curry noodles. It did not take too long for the dish to come out. The noodles were put on a separate plate from the curry itself. I found the noodles to look a bit zombie-fied (it was so white that I couldn't help but wonder if the flour that was used to make this was bleached).
   I started by just dumping all of the noodles into the curry. As the noodles entered the bowl of curry, the bowl started to fill up. The curry itself felt a bit watery, however I recon that in Thailand and Vietnam, their curry is based using coconut milk so it's a bit more watery. The spices in there were just spicy enough for my liking and the noodles gave the curry a good compliment. That said, I find the food itself is average, I wouldn't say that there is anything extra special other than the portions being slightly on the bigger size. Overall, I would come here again, but I probably won't go out of my way to come back. 

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