Sunday, November 11, 2012

Troll's and HorseShoe Bay

 Oops this was from the summer, I pressed "save" but I forgot to publish it.

I've been in Vancouver for over 12 years and the funny thing is that I have never been to horseshoe bay. I always thought that it was somewhere you go only for taking the ferry, but it is actually a great place to hang. We went there on a sunny Saturday afternoon and the drive on highway 1 was gorgeous as you can see the mountains to one side and the water to another. Once we got there, Horseshoe bay first seem like a ferry terminal, but once you drive past the terminal, there is actually a small community located there by the water.
The community was really nice, it was on the water front so you can see the marina, at the same time, there are two mountains, one on each side.
  By the time we got there, it was in the evening as the sun was setting, so we decided to find something to eat. We saw some sushi restaurants, a pizza shop, and a crap load of fish and chips place. It seems like some are busier than others, and from experience, when it comes to sea food it is usually better to pick a place that seem busy. As we were walking, we were ran into a few restaurants.
Troll's looked nice from the outside as it was windowed on the outside and the inside looked authentic. I'm not really sure why they called themselves "Troll's" because usually when I think of Troll's it reminds me of a creepy university professor pretending to be a student and posting fake answers on Facebook to troll you..., never-the-less it is a good restaurant.
   When we went, we ordered fish and chips and burgers. They are all priced around $11-15 dollars each. Starting with the fish and chips, it was very good because the portion that it came in was pretty big. The slice of fish was fresh and generous. Highly recommend this restaurant, for the quality and pricing, it is quite a good deal.
   Not only do they have these, there are also other things like salmon and chowder (I believe) that they had. Be sure to check them out when you are there!
Sunset at Horseshoe Bay

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