Sunday, November 11, 2012

Whole Foods Market (Cambie)

This is one of more healthier supermarkets in Vancouver -well by the things they sell, the quality exceeds what you get at the average supermarket, and they have many specialty organic foods that you don't find else where.For example, I was looking for this organic mayonnaise and mustard that they were selling in the States at Trader Joe's, but I couldn't find it anywhere else, but here.

Also, what I found amazing was that they had a huge section of cooked food, and pre-made frozen food (that's made in-store). I found things like enchiladas, sandwiches, pizza, that you can't find else where. 
 What is also cool is that they sell things that are fair trade, so you know the source of where you are getting your food is fair. Also, the things they sell tend to be lower in artificial stuff, like preservatives, flavors and etc..
In addition to the traditional grocery stores, they also have a coffee shop, juice bar and restaurant that is attached. The coffee at the coffee shop is fair trade, and the price is roughly the same as Starbucks. The restaurant has things like Nachos, all day breakfast and Pizza. These things are pretty common everywhere, what is special about their Pizza though, is that it is baked in an oven that is traditional (I don't know what they are called, but its one of those ones where you put in the thing you want to bake, and it bakes it under a flame).
Compared to many supermarkets, things at Whole Foods are more expensive. For example, the organic bananas being sold here is about 20 cents more than the organic bananas being sold at Save-On-Foods. Usually, I find that the produce selection at this supermarket is mediocre and many can be found at other supermarkets (both organic) for a cheaper price. 
That said, they have many cool features about their produce. They have a wide selection of pre-made fruit salads. There is a huge variety, though bare in mind that it isn't exactly cheap.
Other things, such as chips and cookies (junk food essentially) is usually cheaper at other supermarkets. But, when they go on sale at Whole Foods they can be cheaper (but it is worth a shot checking out the pricing at other supermarkets.

Tricks to save

Whole Foods accept coupons from the manufactures, like However, they also have their own coupons that you can find from their website. (Make sure when you print the coupons you click Coupons for Canada or else it will print you USA ones, which you can't use in Canada!)
Also, if you install this app (I think its called stampt, you can collect points, and if you reach a certain amount, you get something free)
If you bring your own bag, you save $0.10 cents (in total). 

The location of this supermarket is pretty convenient  it is only a few steps away from the Broadway-City Hall station. It is easily accessible by transit, and it is in the center of a shopping district (with Home-Depot, Best Buy, Canadian Tire and etc... all around here)

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