Monday, December 24, 2012

Landmark Cinemas and New Westminster Skytrain Mall

School is all done for the season, so I decided to go watch a movie with a group of friends. At first, we were at Silvercity at Metrotown. Being a Saturday, the place was packed. We decided to give this new movie theater at New Westminster Skytrain station a try (The name is Landmark Cinemas 10).
The theatre is actually right in the station, so it is extremely convinent. However, there really isn't much todo at the station besides the theatre and a few stores.
The theatre itself is really new, and clean. When you walk in, you will be amazed at how clean it is. The washrooms are big. The best part was inside the theatre, the chairs actually recline! They feel more spacious than the ones at Cineplex as well!
The movies here are only $8 and $6 for students! These seats come with seat selection as well, so it is a pretty good deal compared to Cineplex's $12.50 without seat selection.

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