Thursday, December 27, 2012


This year, I noticed there weren't many things on sale. Our day started off at 8AM at MickeyD's, and it was abit halarious waiting in line. What Mcdonald's strategy for handling a huge crowd of people for boxing day, as it appears was to have all employees on staff. As I ordered, I noticed there were more employees than the people who were waiting in line to order. When I was lining up, they had their employees outside with a stickynote writing down what we would like to order, then afterward when we reach the cashier, we have to say it again. I think this is a bit redundant, but it was interesting to see how they would handle crowd control. 

When we finished eating at Mcdonalds, we headed straight to The Source at Metrotown. Besides the usual, we didn't notice much on sale. The boxing day prices of this year was actually higher than that of last years. I remember getting a Gadget tree speaker last year for $5, on Boxing Day this year, the exact same item was "on-sale" for $10. We figured The Source didn't have many things, so we decided to go to Superstore. Usually Superstore don't have many good things on sale besides the Christmas decor and chocolates for 50% off. This year because the Boxing day prices started before Christmas, there weren't many things left.

After wandering through Metrotown, going to Chapter's and SportChek while pushing our way through the huge flock of people, we decided to hop on the skytrain and go to Walmart.

There, we found some things on sale, they had some good deals on Groceries and some stuff like Brita water systems. What I found interesting was some things were already the same price before Boxing day, and on Boxing day, all they did was slap on a sign that said "BOXING DAY BLOWOUT!" and you would think the price is marked down, but it really didn't change much.

After Walmart, we went to Shopper's Drug Mart, and there we found some good stuff. They had all their chocolates in stock, when you compare it to other stores like Superstore who had all chocolate marked down, but there is no stock. We managed to buy some Lindt Chocolate balls for $1.88. We also found this interesting thing... a reindeer that poops candy... haha... Once we finished at shoppers, we just went walking all around the city until around 4... when all of us collapsed and went home to sleep.

Overall, I would say make sure you double check the prices with other retailers when you buy things, not all things are cheaper! 

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