Sunday, December 30, 2012


During winter break, there arn't really many things to do. I remember a few years ago, a high school teacher who was extremely cheap -to the extent that she started a club just for couponing hahaha- that she introduced this website to me. This website is called swagbucks.
Once you sign up to it, you can watch videos, search the web (tho the quality of the search is crappy), do surveys and print coupons to earn "swagbucks". They also have games in which you can play to earn swagbucks. Well what do you do with all these swagbucks you may ask...
You can exchange them for giftcards from big retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks and more... you can even exchange them for Paypal, which is practically like money. It is completely free to join, so feel free to sign up here: SWAGBUCKS

Here are some downsides though, the amount of swagbucks you make is usually far less than the amount you would make if you spent the same amount of time at a real job. So this website is really good only if you are bored and want to earn alittle bit extra!

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