Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve in Vancouver

Sometimes I wonder what Vancouver would be like if it had huge events with fireworks for New Years like other cities such as Seattle or New York. Despite the fact that there weren't fireworks, we did have some fun doing some other things. We started our New Year's Eve at Stanley Park, at the Vancouver aquarium (for a more detailed post about the Vancouver Aquarium, please visit the post "Vancouver Aquarium/aqua luminescence"). It was like every other day really at the Aquarium. What was special was that the Aqua Luminescence feature was going on, so they had the electric eel powering some lights. After visiting the dolphins, otters and strange seals, we left the aquarium and went to the Stanley Park Bright Nights, just a few feet away from the aquarium.
   The Stanley Park Bright Nights was cool, the Christmas lights and trees were all decorated that made it feel like Christmas all over again. There was the train too (we didn't go on it because the line up was at least a few hours long!), and some light shows that were interesting. There was also the concessions, firetruck display, which made the event feel like a Christmas Carnival. I would greatly recommend this event to anyone. It is suitable for family outings too! Here's their website: http://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/bright-nights-train.aspx
   After visiting Stanley Park, we went to Downtown Vancouver for a walk. As we walked around, we noticed that there were more people gathering at Robson Square waiting for the New Year. It was nothing too big though, there was outdoor ice skating and a mini-concert. After visiting Robson Square, we went for dinner at Taco Del Mar.
   All of our friends lived around the Metrotown Area, so we decided to go to a Mcdonalds. We got to MickyD's around 10 and everybody brought some board games. Later closer to 11, a huge group from our high school came in as well. What was funny was there was another smaller group, who's clock was somehow ahead of schedule. The did the countdown 5 minutes before the actual clock ticked 12. We were all laughing because when the actual countdown started, their expressions was abit funny. All in all, there weren't alcohol, but what there was were a group of friends and everyone having fun. I guess fireworks or not, as long as you are with the peeps you love, new year's is always going to fun. Anyway,
may all your wishes come true in this new year!

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