Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kuo Hua Taiwanese food store 國華台灣食品公司

The Kuo Hua Taiwanese food store is probably the most legit place I know to get Taiwanese food. T&T was originally Taiwanese too before it got purchased by Loblaws. T&T still carries a good selection of Taiwanese products, but Kuo Hua have a bigger selection.

 Some things I get while I'm there are:

Chung Hsiang Soda Crackers- These crackers come in a big package or individually packed share bag. They are about $3.50 if you buy 2. They are soda crackers made with beer yeast. The fat content is relatively high. However, if you compare them to crackers like Ritz or Chips, these crackers are a healthier alternative. Also, it is more economical because $3.50 for a lb of crackers can last quite a while.

Apple Sidra- Apple Sidra is a must get. This is a type of soda that is unique to Taiwan and it has been around for quite a while. I can't really describe the flavour, but as you can tell, the drink is apple flavored. They are usually sold in 6 packs.

Tips/ Location:
You can get here by skytrain. If you get off at Aberdeen on the Canada line, Kuo Hua is about a 10 minute walk away. It is on the side that is facing the airport on No.3 rd. They also do deliveries (check out their website: too if you are living far.

There are somethings to watch out for when you come here. First of all they do not provide bags, but they do provide boxes so its recommended that you bring your own bag. Also, they have a wide selection of things, but if you are a penny pincher, you will notice that for the same item at T and T, it is cheaper there. It is important to compare prices.

Also, make sure you CHECK THE EXPIRY DATE! I've noticed they sell expired products sometimes for a reduced price, so make sure you know when the things you buy expire. Generally they are good at letting you know that things are expired, but it's always good to double check.

Here's their website:
Kuo Hua Trading Company Ltd. 國華台灣食品公司 on Urbanspoon

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