Sunday, January 20, 2013

My First Social Networking Event

It was pretty nerve wrecking I must say. It was for a networking event that introduced the students to the industry, and let us (students) meet some of the hiring managers. It was a cold Friday night (thunder sound for dramatic effects). I was supposed to go to the event with a friend because it was my first time. However, my friend became sick right before the event to so I had to go alone. I put on a dress shirt because they said the dress code was "business casual" and I thought that just meant a dress shirt.
Once I arrived, everybody that was insight was in a tux, even some of the ladies were. Immediately I felt out of place, so I went to the washroom to text an SOS to some friends to ask what to do. Some friends told me I should just go home because it's so terrifying. However, being me, I thought "I paid $25 for this, I might as well leave after dinner". After I got out of the washroom.. I saw everyone crowded together like a group of penguins in the Antarctic. I first tried to go in and find someone to talk to, but it was really awkward because everyone was already in a group talking to someone. For about 20 minutes, I was just walking back and forth not knowing what to do. Then I ran into someone I know, who introduced me to a few more people. Later as a group, we went to talk to some potential employers.
The first mistake I made was telling an employer I didn't know what their company was.. haha, you can tell they were slightly repelled because they were a sponsoring company of the event. I was super nervous too, so I just kept talking like verbal vommit and laughed hysterically... Toward the end of the mixer section though, I got more comfortable so it became better...
   I also ran into a guy from Israel, and I didn't realize he didn't like talking about his country... so it was abit embarrassing. Overall the event wasn't too successful because I didn't make new friends, but I made some acquaintences. Despite how much I dislike these events, I think I need to go to these events more often to be less uncomfortable. What was your first networking experience like?

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