Monday, January 21, 2013

UBC Bookstore

This is the place that everyone at UBC knows to get their UPasses, textbooks and campus merchandise. It is the only one of it's kind that sells everything at UBC. At the book store, you can get your hands on electronics (such as a wide range of apple products, MP3 players. They also carry regular books too, like travel books, novels that you can find at your regular bookstore (ie Chapter's).
They also sell food. Recently, they introduced some brand of sandwiches, that if you buy 9, you get one free. I havn't tried it yet, but I might give it a try someday. Besides food, they also have a huge selection of stationary. I like the way they have the stationary laid out where they are all put on a shelf and you can choose what you would like individually (instead of buying the wrapped version where you can't test it before you buy it).
Tips and Tricks
The prices at the UBC bookstore is not always the cheapest. Surprisingly enough, you can find many of the items, especially textbooks cheaper else where. For example, you can usually find the textbooks at a cheaper price (identical item) at the discount bookstore above Mcdonalds at the University Village Plaza just 2 blocks down from the UBC bookstore. This selection that is cheaper at the Discount bookstore includes iClickers, textbooks and more. Also, sometimes the price is cheaper online too. It is always good to double check your prices before you buy.
Electronics tend to be cheaper elsewhere too. For example, for Maxwell brand batteries, you can purchase at the dollar store. However, the UBC bookstore sells it for atleast 50% more.
So before you go shopping, make sure you compare your prices. Mind you, custom course packs and some rare books usually can't be found else where other than the bookstore. Also, things like the Physics lab notebook, which is UBC custom made is also only avaliable only exclusively at the bookstore.  

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