Monday, January 28, 2013

Lean Cuisine (Roast Garlic Chicken)

I got a coupon for a Lean Cuisine, from one of their sample coupons. I must say, when I first went to the grocery store to get it, compared to many of the other things in the frozen food section, these ones have a lower fat and sodium content. When it comes to frozen food, alot of them have high sodium and fat, which, if eaten too much can cause a bunch of health issues. That said, this still have come chemicals (like sodium acid pyrophosphate and flavouring), but really everything nowadays have them.. I decided to get the Roast Garlic Chicken.

When I came home I gave it a try. It comes with a plastic bowl and a smaller compartment inside it for the sauce. The bowl is pretty nice, and unlike some other plastics that I've used in other brands, this one doesn't feel like it was about to melt after it came out of the microwave.I noticed that the instructions said to cook it for 3 minutes, then 1.5 minutes after simmering. However, I realized that didn't cook it, so I decided to cook it for another minute.
  At first it seems like there are alot of chicken, but really there isn't. The broccoli and potato portions compared to the chicken seem to be greater. The taste isn't too salty, and the flavor isn't too heavy. Personally, I find this a good snack, however, for a meal, it probably would not be able to fill one up. I would say that this is worth the $2.50  that they are being sold for because the portions are pretty big, and the quality, although mediocre is a good value compared to other brands. That said, don't expect alot of chicken. 

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