Sunday, December 8, 2013

Toyama Japanese Restaurant (Downtown Vancouver)

I've read some bad reviews about this place, but for some reason I like this place. Their All You Can Eat menu is pretty good, the amount of selection is pretty average (like not alot of choices, but enough to satisfy me). They have a good selection of sushi, though, none of their rolls are special. Some sushi places have special rolls that they make, but for Toyama, their rolls are just the average Alaska Roll, California Roll... this kind of stuff.
What was interesting was that today when I went, I accidentally ticked off 2 of everything (usually when I go to AYCE places, I would get one or two of everything to get a hold of what their sizes are like before I go for a second round), but instead of 1, I ticked off 2 because I thought everything was like one piece (when really the order is 3 pieces per order). The waiter saw my order, made a funny expression then said, "are you sure you would like 2 of everything? I don't think you will finish it!". I guess I should take this as a compliment because it sort of implies that I look skinny (and I don't have that kind of appetite to eat it all...) hahaha, so I erased everything and just put 1 instead.
Their sushi is relatively fresh, there are places where I've been to where the sashimi on the sushi seems to be in the freezer for too long, but their sashimi doesn't have that taste at all. In addition, their chicken is pretty fresh as well. Out of all of the things, I love their salmon roll the most.
  However, I did not like their tempura... it was on the side of excessively over-fried. The tempura looks like it's been in the fryer too long. For a small piece of carrot, it was covered in panko and was dripping oil (and slightly brown too)..., we didn't eat the tempura, we had to hide it within a bowl of finished Edamame so it looked like we finished it.
That said, the service is pretty average. The gratuity is added to the bill (which I'm not sure why they do that, last time I recall, people tip more when there isn't a gratuity added... but I guess 
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  1. How much gratuity would be added? Say for one. Is it normal amount?

    1. think they added 15% to our bill, but we had a few people in our group. I hope that helps :)

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