Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'll have to admit, the name of this place isn't so creative. Everyday on my way home from school, I would always see this place on the skytrain. Before a friend that lived near Joyce Station pointed out to be that I should try their pizza, I would have never went.
   From the outside, they look like any old pizza place, they have all the pizza they are selling in slices near the window, and 2 rows of seats. Because of how long this place's been running, it seems like the painting is due for a new coat. In general, the outside does not look attractive. However, as soon as you look past the outside, you will see that there's always people inside.
    There are not many seats here so I would recommend anybody who would like to sit and enjoy their pizza to take it for to go. The prices of the pizza are pretty good,

$10 for 6 slices, or $4.50 for 2 slices and a pop or $2.00 per slice. (or $13.99 for a whole pizza)

Compared it to other pizza shops like Freshslice (who sells them for $1.75 on normal days and $1.00 on Tuesdays), Super Great's Pizza seem to be of higher quality. Unlike Freshslice, Super Great's does not seem to have as thick of a crust, though it is just enough to produce a crunch texture. Usually, I find their toppings to be pretty generous, the cheese, meatballs, all seem to be ample. In addition, the pizza slices is big (I would say atleast 1.5 times that of Freshslice's, and there is a big variety as well. It is also not too salty, however, I find their pizza to be slightly greasy (maybe because there is alot of cheeze on it). For $2.00 a slice, it would be a good snack to have, once in a while ;). 
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