Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wendy's Kid's Meal

I was on my way back from Walmart when a friend and I were hungry. It was 10:00PM at night, so I didn't want anything too heavy because food at this point -at least what it seems like... goes to the butt-. I wanted an order of fries and a drink. They were each $1.89, then I realized something, the Kids meal is only $2.99, and it includes nuggets, as well as a small fries and drink, also a toy.
The soft drink is about the same size as the one at Mcdonalds, so there is nothing special here. Their french fries though, have a more potato taste and is made with sea salt, which gives it abit more flavor than Mcdonald's Fries. The nuggets themselves, I found to be very crispy, so it was more crisp rather than full of chicken. There was chicken in there, but they could have put more. The toy can't be compared, compared to Mcdonald's adaptation of popular tv shows and movies for their toys, Wendy's toy seem like they are a knock off of Mcdonalds. That said, for kids, the toys can be a joy, but for an adult, or a collector of these kid meal toys, Wendy's toys arn't as appealing as Mickey d's. In general, if you are at Wendys to get a snack, and if you would like both fries and a drink, getting a kids meal would be cheaper. 
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