Friday, February 22, 2013


Every year this festival never fails to amaze me. I personally know the organizers of this festival, and I know they put in 150% of their effort to put together this festival. The CIBC LunarFEST is usually a 3 day celebration that takes place after the Lunar New Year. As you may know, the Zodiac signs changes year after year, and to compliment this, the CIBC LunarFEST incorporates a different theme every year. Last year, I remember it was the year of the dragon, and to compliment it, they did an aquarium / under the sea theme.

Because this year is the year of the snake, they thought it would be appropriate to do a jungle theme. Inside this jungle of lanterns, they had frogs who's belly can be used as a drum, they also had some huge snake lantern where you can take an egg and feed it to the snake which will light the snake up. In addition to the lanterns, they also had an area where their sponsors, like CIBC hanged out. There you can make the lantern hats that are in the shape of a snake that actually lights up, and it's all free.

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