Monday, July 8, 2013

Denny's (Kingsway and Burnaby)

After an intense workout up the grouse grind, my friend and I decided to stop by Denny's on Kingsway in Burnaby for lunch. We've been here for breakfast and it's one of the regular American diners around. So nothing really special with regards to the eating atmosphere other than the fact that it's pretty family friendly.
  The thing about Denny's that I like is the fact that they offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizers at anytime during the day. So you could be ordering breakfast during lunch and dinner for breakfast (tho some stuff are time limited). The other thing I like about them is the bottomless coffee (though, you need to drink 3 cups or else it is more expensive to drink coffee at Denny's)
  This time I went, I ordered a Cali Jack Turkey Burger. What I liked about the burger is that on the menu, it tells you that it is hearty (although I am sure well all know reading these things about junk food for you to feel good about yourself, in reality we all know it's still junk food). When the burger came, the appearance was pretty average. Just like all the other diners, the burger came with fries. The fries have a distinctive shape (wavy and thick so the taste of potato is just right). The burger had a nice juicy turkey patty that was very flavorful. It wasn't too salty and the temperature was just right. The bun was also whole wheat which added on more nutritional value to the burger. That said, if the bun was warmer it would have been a bit more awesome. In general, the burger wasn't that special. It is definitely a notch up from fast food, however, compared to the other restaurants the burger don't stand out. The price of the burger/meal is pretty fair I would say (around $12), but it was filling and the quality was acceptable. 
At the end of the day, the thing I like about Denny's is that it has a a very chill eating environment. Everything isn't too special, and the speed is just right, where you aren't pressured to eat fast or dress all fancy. In addition, it is a great place to bring kids too. Besides that, the pricing of food is pretty fair and the portions are relatively fair as well. 

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