Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sharkey's Seafood Bar & Grill (Ladner/ Delta)

After a day of travelling around town, my friend and I decided to stop by a restaurant known as Sharkey's in Ladner. From the outside the restaurant has a vintage feel to it. Looking from the front there's very little decorations, however from the back you can see a small creek while you sit on their patio.
  We started our adventure at Sharkey's with some taster of their beer that was on tap. I'm not too big of a beer fan, but I thought I might as well give a taster a try. The taster has a "fruity" taste, however I didn't like it too much because it reminded me of soy sauce for some reason. 
   After we were done with the taster beer, we ordered calamari. Their calamari is probably one of the best I've had. The squid inside were very juicy and tender. The best part, however was the fact that it didn't taste greasy. Sometimes when you go to a restaurant  they put their calamari in the fryer for too long that it becomes abit "loaded" with oil, but their calamari didn't have that feel to it. In addition, the home made tartar sauce really made the flavor come out. The only slight downside with the calamari was that the price was slighlty high, at $9 per order. But it's quality over quantity right?
   Besides their appetizers  I find that they have quite a wide selection of burgers and many sounded pretty good. They offered gluten free options for their buns too. After a few minutes of indecisive decision making, I decided to settle for a chicken teriyaki burger. The thought was cool because it sounded like an Asian and Western fusion.
   When the burger came, the portions were big. The chicken was teriyaki, but besides that everything else is what you would expect at an average restaurant (like how there are fries and the burger is open so the patty was with the bottom half of the burger and the lettuce, pickles and whatnot were with the top half. 
    What I find cool about the burger is that the fries, like their calamari tasted good. It was made from locally sourced potatoes and unlike many fries you find at fast food places, their fries are good and didn't have the greasy taste to them. In addition, the bun itself was warm and slightly crispy, which tasted good. For a price of $9.99, I would say the pricing is good.
    That said, most of their things are pretty fairly priced. The only major downside that I found with this restaurant is that it is near the creek so if you are sitting on their patio (which we did) be prepared to be stung by mosquito  Other than that, their service is pretty awesome and the atmosphere is really chill. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone in the area.

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