Saturday, May 4, 2013

Downtown Seattle / Seattle Space Needle (Seattle Part 6)

There were two options that we can get to the Space Needle, we can either walk or take the monorail (which is $2.25). We decided to save the monorail fare for the return trip, so we decided to walk to the Space Needle.
On the way there, I noticed that Seattle's downtown neighbourhood is actually quite a nice a place to live in. Something that I found really confusing were some of their streets. The streets wouldn't be parallel, but they would run diagonally (in some places) in all directions. So when the red light comes on, I always get confused if I can cross or not. The most memorable was just before we crossed the street on the corner of the KOBO news station to the Space Needle... It was one of those four way cross ways. My friend and I just stood stupidly there for 5 minutes waiting to cross, thinking... Hmmm the walking man didn't show up, so we should probably not cross. It was until 5 minutes later we saw others crossing that we finally crossed.
On the other side, there were numerous attractions. But due to the constraint of time, we could only visit the Space Needle. When I approached the window to buy my ticket, I noticed that the lady who was selling the tickets was on robot mode. She had no facial expressions and when I asked her how she was doing, she just replied with a short "good". Well I guess it's normal because if you are doing a repetitive job the entire day, one would get tired.
Seattle from Space Needle
The admission for the Space Needle, at $19 was not cheap. As we entered the main gallery,  we got our photos taken then emailed to us. What was cool was the 41 second elevator ride to the top. Personally, I find all elevator rides terrifying because I got stuck in an elevator a few times when I was little, so what I did was I video taped the ride, you can find it here:
As my camera was videotaping, I just stood to the back and closed my eyes. When we got to the top, immediately we were greeted by a stunning view of Seattle. It was a 360 degree view so we could see all around from Puget sound to Downtown to Queen Anne. If you look closely, you can see Bellevue too in the distance.
Up on the Space Needle it's abit colder than on the ground and it seems to be more windy too. Inside the observation deck on the Space Needle, you will find a small snack bar that sells drinks, sandwiches (the prices are abit high though). Besides the snack bar, there's also photo stations where you can send the pictures that you take downstairs to yourself and have it posted on facebook.
The photos themselves look cropped / photoshopped but I guess it's free and something to remember your visit to the Space Needle so it's worth that 2 minutes to send to your self.
After we were finished at the Space Needle, we continued with our trip.

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