Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blue Chip Cookies (UBC)

      This is one of my most favourite places on campus and anywhere in Vancouver to grab coffee and baked goods. Unlike major coffee chains, all of the baked goods are made in-house and taste hand made. Compared to the ones at major food chains, where the food is made in factories, the baked goods at Blue Chip Cookies is higher in quality.
       Not only are the quality of the baked goods better, but there are more selection at Blue Chip Cookies too. They have different types of pastries like Spinach croissants (they call it something that starts with F and with a double C in there somewhere but I don't remember what it's called), they also have muffins that are pretty good. I also like their scones as well. Mind you, I've noticed almost all of their baking involves butter so if you are on a diet, be careful of the portions you are having. That said, the pricing of the baked goods are pretty fair too.
      Besides baked goods, they also have a variety of coffee. They feature different kinds of blends in all different sizes (like 8oz,12oz,16oz, 20oz... Etc). The coffee that they brew is by ReSIProcate which is a coffee company that sells fair trade coffee. The pricing is great, you can get a 8oz cup of coffee for $1.25 and then if you bring your own cup you get $0.25 off!
     I would recommend this coffee shop for anyone who's on the go (but it wouldn't be good if you wanted to sit down because there aren't chairs and tables that you can sit at,  though, the Student Union Building do have chairs and tables. 
They have a coffee card so that when you buy 10 cups you get 1 free (if you bring your own cup). Also, if you come early enough, they have yesterday's baking in a basket and everything's $1.25.
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