Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In A Cup (UBC)

   This place is one of the newest food outlets at the SUB at UBC. I've always walked by here but never gave them a try, but one thing's for sure, the smell of the bbq meat is strong, you can smell it as you come down the stairs.
    Tonight I decided to give them a try, compared to a regular restuarant or food outlet at the foodcourt, they have less selection. All of the menu items is either vegetable+meat+egg or kimchi+meat+egg, or bibibamp. They also have assorted rice rolls (not sure if they are called sushi or not, they look like sushi but the seaweed is on the outside). In general, the rice bowls are $7.00 each.
    I got the pork+kimchi+egg rice bowl. The size seems pretty fair, it came in a bowl with bed of rice, kimchi, egg and pork like how it was described. The taste was pretty good, the bbq pork was abit fatty (i've had bbq pork before that was on the lean side), the kimchi was good, but wasn't as spicy as the average kimchi. I think the price is abit on the expensive side because of how simple the food is, like there isn't much to the rice bowl other than bbq pork, kimchi and an egg. $6 would be a more reasonable price.
     That said, I would recommend this to everyone who is craving Korean food on campus because this is one of the only places for Korean food on campus.

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