Monday, November 25, 2013

Joey's Restaurant (Broadway)

Joey's is a pretty expensive place to eat but it is also classy and a good place to take your date. I went there with a group of friends and it was my first time there, when we walked in, we were greeted by a really friendly hostess. The staff and service in general there is pretty good. In addition, they also have a valet service (which we did not use but I guess it's a sign of high class when you have a valet service).
When it comes to food, the taste was abit above average, but the selection is pretty special. They have a fusion of a mix many different cuisines like Japanese mixed with western (in the form of a sushi roll) or pizza that isn't pizza but a mixture of different cuisines I can't even describe. They all taste pretty good however, but not filling though. I wouldn't say that the food was worth the value that they are charging for them, but because it is a higher end restaurant, it wouldn't make sense to have cheap food. That said, the food is pretty expensive and I would go back to Joey's only if it was a special occasion.

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