Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pie R Squared UBC

Located in the Student Union Building at UBC, Pie R Squared is one of the best (and probably one of the few places you can get pizza on campus). I really like some of the varieties that they have. Like some of it includes chicken (but with a bunch of vegetables and spices, as disgusting as it sounds it tastes great!). My favourite part of their pizza is the crust. In addition they always have alot of toppings on top of their pizza and many of the materials are locally sourced. Unlike many traditional pizza places where the crust is thick and taste like bread, their crust is never too over baked but not soggy and under baked. The price per pizza is $2.50 and even though compared to other pizzas joints it is on the expensive side, just two slices is enough to fill an average person up not to mention the amount of toppings.

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