Saturday, November 30, 2013

Walmart / Photocenter / Pharmacy (Lougheed Mall)

   I think this Walmart is supposed to be a Supercenter in disguise. The area of the Walmart is not too big, but I feel like they jammed quite abit of things in here. For starters the Pharmacy is so packed that if there was a line up to drop off prescriptions and picking up prescriptions, it is easy to back up all the way into the diaper (or those diaper like things people with tiny bladders use) and vitamin section. I was there today during lunch time, and I reckon that it is rush hour, but the lack of staffing caused the line up to be super long and the place just seem like a gongshow. At one point the guy lining up behind me, upon hearing the line up is going to be an hour just said "screw it" and left.
   In addition, I also ordered some prints at the photocenter. The photo center seems to be abit disorganized when it comes to picking up stuff. I asked the cashier who looked super tired (poor guy, he was the only one working and must be exhausted), I informed him I was picking up prints that were prepaid, and he asked me for me name so I gave it to him? After he was going to charge me for the photos before I informed him again it's prepaid, after he had a struggle with the computer. To fix it he doubled my order then deleted one picture from it... Anyway, a few moments later he fixed it. 
   In general, I like Walmart because of the prices, but I would recommend avoiding it at all costs during rush hours because it's super busy, crowded and disorganized, it literally is like feeding time at the zoo.

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