Monday, November 4, 2013

Yuko Maki Japanese Restaurant (Davie Street)

I've passed by this restaurant a few times but I haven't gotten a chance to check them out. Today I decided to give their All-you-can-eat(AYCE) a try. The restaurant atmosphere was pretty calm, there weren't many people. As we were seated, I noticed that they had quite a few things on their AYCE menu. They had two different types of menus, the A menu, which was the regular one and the A+B menu which contained more things for $1 more. We decided to get the A menu because it wasn't too different from the deluxe menu. During the first round, we ordered 1 of every item to see what the size was like.  They had a pretty good variety of of sushi's. Each of the portions were pretty big when they came. I liked the fact that the nigiri sushi had less rice in comparison to the sashimi on it. Usually alot of AYCE places will put alot of rice with the sashimi to fill up their customers faster. In addition, the chicken teriyaki came in a big portion as well as the different sushi's.

However, that said, the sanitation of the place isn't in the best shape. The dishes aren't exactly the cleanest, and some of the food seem like it's been in the freezer for a while. The chicken especially seems like it's been sitting in the freezer for quite a while. You can tell that it's sitting in the freezer for a while. Other than that the service was average, it wasn't too special in that sense. For $14.95 for AYCE, the quality of the food was decent (like what you would expect for an AYCE), but overall it is slightly above how much I would pay.

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