Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ebisu Japanese Restaurant (Robson)

   In summary, this restaurant is slightly expensive for the amount of food that you get while the service is mediocre.
Hidden in the heart of downtown Vancouver, I've heard my friends describe this restaurant as the "Earls of Japanese food". So it's more of a classier place to eat. Last night my friends and I decided to go to Ebisu to see what it's like for one of my friend's birthday celebration. Located on the second floor, it was a nice stairway up to the second floor as it was outside and well lighted.
   Once you enter, you'll notice that the lighting inside is slightly dark with candles placed on every table. All of the waiters are dressed professionally. As we were led to our table, I noticed that the spaces inside the restaurant is actually pretty cramped with not too much walking space. We were seated down at a table for 8 and we started ordering.
  When you open the menu, you'll notice that the food isn't exactly Japanese. It is more of a fusion between Japanese and other cultures. For example, they had kimchi fried rice, salad with sashimi or Taco rice bowl. They didn't have the nigiri, or chicken teriyaki rice bowls that you would see at traditional Japanese restaurants. Their menu is here:
  I got a Chicken Katsu Don and my friends got salad and sushi. The sushi is shown in the pictures: 
The Chicken Katsu Don was pretty good. I like the fact that the chicken wasn't too overly fried (and greasy). The chicken was lean as well and instead of having the fried chicken on just rice, they had a nice mushroom omlette under the chicken cutlet, which was a nice touch. It wasn't too salty either, which was good. The taste itself was pretty good. Slightly above average.
  The sushi were expensive in my opinion. For a few slices, the sushi came in at around 10-12 bucks per roll. The crab that was used in the sushi was imitation crab too. For something priced so high and the amount so little, the price abit over valued.
  With regards to the service, when the food was being brought to us, the waitress seem to look very unhappy and slightly rude as she brought the food. She made this facial expression almost as if we were wasting her time without saying a word after we replied who ordered the sushi roll. I'm not sure if she was having a bad day, but I don't think it's really appropriate to make a rude facial expression when we just answered "here" without anything complicated. That said, there was another policy that the restaurant enforced, which was this two hour limit that they set for all guests. Eventhough two hours was alot of time to eat, we waited for everyone to arrive, and food to come, we didn't have much time to eat. So on that end it was very rushed. It didn't really help when the waiter came and asked us to finish up like exactly 10 minutes before the 2 hours was up. For some reason it felt timed and rushed.
  In summary,  this restaurant is slightly expensive for the amount of food that you get while the service is mediocre. However, the food was more special than the regular Japanese restaurant and the atmosphere was pretty nice and decorated. Hence, I would go to Ebisu again if I'm in the area

, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go back. 
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