Saturday, December 28, 2013

Oishii Sushi (Downtown Vancouver)

I bought a Groupon for Oishii Sushi because it was half off and I decided to give it a try with my friends. When we arrived at the restaurant, it looked relatively empty and it was about 6:30 in the evening. From the outside the restaurant looks abit on the old side, and when we entered, it slightly smelled like the smell of wood from an old house.  We were greeted by waitress and we were seated at a table at the far side. The table itself was abit vintage feeling as well and slightly feeling sticky. 
We waited for about 15 minutes before we were asked if we would like anything to drink, usually at a Japanese restaurant, the waitress would ask right away but I'm not sure if that is the norm. We waited another few minutes before we were asked what we would like to get from the menu. The server herself was nice, but it's just everything seems abit slow and not to mention there weren't that many people in the restaurant. 
For the three of us, we ordered a roll B combo (which was a California Roll, Oshinko Roll (Japanese cucumber roll) and a dynamite roll. We also ordered an order of tempura, and an order of sockeye salmon sashimi. I must say, this is the first Japanese restuarant I've been to that offered two different kinds of salmon sashimi. The other kind is the Atlantic salmon. The sashimi was pretty fresh too.
   The sushi portions are really small. The sushi themselves are not anything special, but the wrapping of the sushi is abit too loose. The quality of the tempera was good, it didn't taste over fried like some of the tempera I've had that was all dripping with oil. The tempura here was good though.
   Overall, however, I think the price is abit high for me, and without the Groupon, we would have paid around $35 dollars for all of this and it wasn't enough to fill us up. 

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