Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Photolab.ca Experience/ Review

    I wanted to get some photo printouts for Christmas, and I did abit of research. Some of the places such as London Drugs charges 28 cents for a 4x6 photo, while the average price of photos for some of the places like Snapfish (by HP) or photobox.ca charges 15 cents per print. I found that Loblaw's Photolab.ca charges only 10 cents per print and also because it's Cyber Monday, the prices are 8 cents each. 
   Because I am printing over 170 pictures, I figured photolab.ca would be the best bet. So after I got all my pictures ready... I uploaded it tophotolab.ca. It took quite a while to upload all of them, partly because the website was very laggy. I imagine that alot of people are trying to upload their pics too, so it took quite a while for each page to upload. It reminded me of the days when I was growing up and we had to dail to be connected to the internet.
   After when the pictures were uploaded, I was ready to check out... But i've noticed their webpage wouldn't let me check out because it said some pictures weren't processed. I waited for a good hour for a few of them to process but at the end of the hour, nothing was processed. I decided to redo the process of uploading, so I uploaded my pictures again. This time the same error occurred. 
   Feeling slightly frustrated, I decided to just print the pictures that are processed first. Then print the rest of them with Walmart and 
photobox.ca  When I was about to check out... The website crashed again. I don't know how many times I saw this screen saying "an error occurred". After a few times of trying... I was finally able to submit my pictures for printing. 
   Overall, I spent a good few hours on trying to use this site, it's pretty frustrating, but I guess you get what you are paying for. That said, the service is pretty fast and it's supposed to be ready in store in about 1 business day, I can't wait to see what masterpiece i've created as a product of a laggy website. Hopefully everything will be in tact in the pictures.

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