Tuesday, December 3, 2013


    With first time registrations, there is a promotion that you get 60 free 4x6 prints (but you have to pay shipping of $2.99, which I find is quite a bargain considering that each of the prints are at 5 cents each. I decided to print the photos that I didn't successfully print on photolab.cawith photobox.ca. I must say, the experience was much better that photolab.ca because it was smooth and fast. All I had to do was to select my photos, upload them and check out. It took in total perhaps 5 minutes to have 60 prints printed and mailed. That said, if the promotion for free prints isn't going on, the price they are charging is on the higher side (if you consider shipping too because it is not a flat rate until you go above a certain limit). If each print costs 15 cents each, with shipping, they will have a combined cost of close to 18 cents per print (but if you are printing 99, thats $3 more).

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